Condo & Co-op Inspections

Having a Condo or Co-op inspected is a very vital step and it can be trickier than inspecting a House.

When you buy a single-family dwelling, the inspection is for all the pieces of that home that you are purchasing. This includes items discussed on the "House Inspection" page of this site, the interior and the exterior of the home, structure and foundation, roof, mechanical systems, electric and plumbing. However, when you buy a condominium, you are not purchasing the entire building, so logically, the Condo or Coop inspection won't cover the parts that you are not purchasing.

This isn't true.

Generally, the areas that you may be concerned about around the condo complex that you are looking to buy will be areas that could cost you heavily in repairs in the next few years. You have to be concerned about the state of areas outside of your unit that could end of costing you money through association fees or special assessment fees.
All of these Items are included in the price of basic Condo/Coop inspection, and no additional charge will be added.

  • Interior of the Condo or Coop unit
  • Electrical service and branch circuits of the Condo or Coop unit
  • Plumbing inside the Condo or Coop unit
  • Heating and Air Conditioning of the Condo or Coop unit
  • Doors and Windows inside the Condo or Coop unit;
  • We check appliances inside the Condo or Coop unit (if permitted)

And much more....

Superior Home Inspections Services, Inc. can inspect the following items as a part of a full Condo or Coop inspection:

  • Common roofs
  • Parking areas; Trees and landscaping; Communal recreation areas
  • Basement and building structure;
  • Building's electrical service
  • Building's plumbing and mechanical systems
  • Building's Heating and Air Conditioning Systems
  • Vermin and Wood Destroying Insect Inspection

Any concerns that your inspector conveys to you about areas of the complex that you are buying will likely be very valuable to you when you are making a decision regarding whether or not to make the purchase.

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