Checking on New Jersey Homes for 25 Years & Counting

Checking on New Jersey Homes for 25 Years & Counting

About Superior Home Inspection Services of New Jersey

Superior Home Inspection Services continues to be the top-choice for homeowners (and those looking into homes) in Staten Island. Owner Mark Bendit has been in the industry for over 25 years - performing countless evaluations of homes across the area. His meticulous and detailed evaluations have been highly recommended by many, including real estate agents who are helping their clients find a quality home inspector.

Alongside general home inspection services, Mark Bendit and his team complete mold and infrared inspections as well. Our customers can immediately know of any additional problems with a residential unit with these add-on services.

Mark Bendit has 12 different certificates from New York City fire departments and a multitude of other licenses and certifications. His knowledge surpasses many other inspectors in the area, and allows for him to dig deeper into a home to find any problems. Mark's qualifications include:

• Licensed New York State Home Inspector NY DOS Lic# 16000008894
• New York State Certified Home Inspection Instructor
• NJ Licensed Home Inspector Lic# 24GI00111200
• New York City Department of Buildings Certified
• Department of Enviornmental Preservation Certified
• Stationary Engineer Boiler License
• Refrigeration and Air Conditioner Engineer License
• Low and High Pressure Boiler Engineer License
• EPA Air Pollution Certified
• Certified Air Testing Technician
• NY City Fire Department Certified for Oil Burners, Air Conditioning, Fire Alarms, Smoke Detectors, Air Compressors, Sprinkler Systems and Stand Pipes

With branching qualifications and licenses, Superior Home Inspection Services can undoubtedly provide any customer with a quality home evaluation. For more about our services, please call our Staten Island office at (646) 665-4399.